Web Hosting Packages

Basic Web Package:


Includes:  40 meg web domain, 4 e-mail accounts, E-mail forwarding, FrontPage 2000 extensions, CGI bin, SSL secure server, FrontPage extensions, RealAudio server, 24hr ftp access,  Shopping cart for up to 10 items. Credit Card transactions processed through your merchant account or using www.paypal.com .


 Paypal fees are currently .25 each transaction plus 1.9% of transaction. They take care of the transaction and the funds are deposited directly to your Paypal account. No monthly fees or merchant services account to maintain. The buyer has peace of mind with a guarantee from PayPal that assures they get what they have paid for or their money back. 


Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

eCommerce Package:


Includes: 70 meg web domain, 8 e-mail accounts, E-mail forwarding, E-mail auto responders, FrontPage 2000 extensions, CGI bin, SSL secure server, RealAudio server, 24hr FTP access, Unlimited items shopping cart, Web Stats, Search engine registration with over 6,800 engines monthly. Credit card transactions same as the basic package.


All web sites hosted with JazzServer receive the following:

RealAudio Server Credit Card Svcs: www.paypal.com
4 E-mail boxes Domain Name Registration
E-mail Forwarding Web Stats
40mb Disk Storage ssl secure credit card transactions
Unlimited aliases cgi-bin
Daily Web Reports PHP3 Server enabled
24hr FTP PGP Encryption
24 hour FTP & Telnet Access Site Statistics & Counters
SSL Secure server Full CGI-BIN Access
Shopping Cart FREE FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions
Personalized tech support 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Web site Policies: <info>

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My domain Name:  I am transferring to JazzServer
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New, Please register me with Internic. I understand that   Internic will bill my credit card for $70.00.
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E-mail forwarding:    Ex:current_e-mail@otherdomain.com


Package payment options:

The Basic Package

   $15.00 Initial setup fee:

 Charge $20.00 monthly to my credit card for The Basic Package


 Charge $230.00 for 1 year to my credit card for The Basic Package

The eCommerce Package

 $75.00  Initial setup fee: 

 Charge $55.00 monthly to my credit card for the eCommerce Package

 Charge $600.00 for 1 year to my credit card for the eCommerce Package